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About the Author

I’m all about food, or should I say ‘about food all the time’?

I love good food. I can eat the same thing every day when it’s something I really like.

I’ve been vegetarian since I was 14–lacto-ovo-vegetarian most of that time and strict vegetarian off and on, what is now know as vegan eating (no eggs or dairy). I currently identify as vegan; though, I don’t eschew leather in all aspects of my life. For example, if someone is going to eat a cow, I may as well have leather shoes, at least until better breathable materials are available.

Texture is important to me, and one of my downfalls as well. I can become so enthralled with a texture that I can’t stop enjoying it the moment I’ve had enough–something I’m still working on. Texture combinations, for example, like ice cream with melting around the edges intrigue me.

Food, because it’s a relationship most of us have every day, changes for me, so this website helps me grow and stay on track.

–Lin Ennis