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Yesterday I ventured further into the pepper kingdom.I eat bell peppers all the time, both raw and cooked. I’ve occasionally purchased a tiny banana pepper or two.

I called the produce manager over to explain to me which hot peppers were which so I could choose one. I notice peppers come in two categories: sweet and hot. There isn’t a category for mild. I think the pepper I selected is an Anaheim chile pepper. (The word chile makes it sound hotter, too, doesn’t it?)

I was proud of my modest one-pepper purchase. An adventure. I admit it isn’t the Iditarod, but in my pursuit of better nutrition, my quest for phytonutrients, I’m trying new foods. It’s risky.

I aspire to testing out something new each week. It may not be a food I’ve never eaten before; it may be a new way of preparing it. Like the almonds I just munched, toasted with a sprinkling of Ume Plum Vinegar–delicious! No need for added salt or oil.

Tell me about your food adventures. Do you have a goal or method for trying new foods? Or do you always eat the same 15 or 20 things? What was the last new thing you tried? Any fruits or vegetables in your taste experiments?

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