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September 28, 2014/

The month or so of rotator cuff surgery preparation I’ve done is a blog in itself, but this post is strictly about preparing food to take to work for lunch, food that is easy to eat (I’ve been advised by previous shoulder surgery survivors that sandwiches are great!) and can…


September 8, 2013/

A hack, in today’s parlance, is something that makes life easier, whether a shortcut or a new idea. Here are a couple of my favorite kitchen hacks. Odors: Hate the lingering smell of onions and garlic on your hands after some food prep? You can buy one of those fancy pieces…


August 19, 2013/

Half an hour before lunchtime I got a hankering for split pea soup. That’s usually a day or at least a half day recipe in a Crock Pot, but I figured I could do it in the pressure cooker in half an hour. Wash the peas (2 cups) and put…


December 10, 2012/

My new favorite soup was inspired by a chef from whom I gathered the idea of bulking up hearty, traditionally creamed soups with compatible vegetables that will not overpower the flavor focus, thus eliminating the need for butter and heavy cream (delicious though they are!). When I got a coupon…


September 9, 2012/

NO BREADING – NO FRYING – DELICIOUS Eggplant fruit always look so beautiful in the grocery store–deep, rich purple, almost black, the color of royalty and ‘please pay attention to me.’ But what do you do after that? I taught at a private boarding school in Moab, Utah, in the…


March 8, 2011/

This is a guest post from Jeanie Hooper Reed. THE LOVE IN MY KITCHEN In years of yore, long before I was Queen of My Own Kitchen, the scuttle-butt about the homestead kitchen was “VitaMix is a fantastic machine, but way too expensive!” What that expense was, I have no…

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