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Another new discovery I made recently is precooked organic brown rice, tucked away in the frozen food aisle of Safeway of all places! Part of Safeway’s new “Organics” line, it’s so new it isn’t even on their website yet!

Three microwavable pouches come in each box. While the package lists each pouch as 2 servings, one cup of brown rice would be four points in Weight Watchers, so I prefer to divide a pouch into at least three servings.

The rice is grown in Northern California’s Sacramento Valley, by farmers committed to sustainable practices. The best part about it is it is not genetically modified.

No, the best part about it is I can have rice when I think of it, instead of needing to think of it 45 minutes to an hour before I want it! 😉

It is prepared without salt or added fat. The 10 calories of fat per cupful are naturally-occurring.

Now you know what to serve your Napa cabbage stir fry with 5-spice powder over!

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