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I’ve blogged about several new foods or new ways to prepare them. Now that I have a bit more experience, I’ll report on several.


I made some. I bought some. I like what I made better. Pal Richard said, “Yes, because it’s so much fresher.” Not sure that was the case with mine, because several of the ingredients from my spice rack were far from fresh. But the two don’t have the same ingredients either. The purchased one also contains ginger, licorice root and white pepper. Though I didn’t use Szechuan peppercorns in mine, nor did I measure everything carefully, mine has a distinct peppercorn punch to it, which I love. The purchased one smells like it belongs on sweet food…almost like a pumpkin spice.


People have asked about my chile. I cut about an inch and a half from the tip to put in stir fry. I removed as much of the rib membrane as possible, because I read online that that’s where most of the heat is carried, besides in the seeds. It added a nice punch to the veggies. Yesterday I cut a similar-length piece. Turns out, an inch and a half from a wider part of the pepper makes a serving of veggies hotter! 🙂 This will become a regularly-used food.


In response to my ode to Napa cabbage, Virginia shared how she uses red cabbage. She gave us her very fresh-sounding salad recipe. She inspired me to buy a red cabbage and add a thin slice to salad and stir fry. My current diet manifests my passion for eating as much color, and deep color, as I can squeeze in. Thank you Virginia!


Jerusalem artichokes are also a food I associate with Virginia. She may have introduced them to me. Using them as water chestnuts in yesterday’s stir fry didn’t go as well as expected. I received a business call part way through cooking lunch. I piled cabbage in the skillet on top of the harder veggies which I’d already sauteed, put a lid on and set it off the heat while I finished the call. Twenty minutes later, I remembered the sunchokes. I quietly sliced one and stirred it into my almost limp mixture. By the time my call was over, my lunch was very limp – except for the sunchoke slices, which were as crisp as when I sliced them. I’ll try this again!

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