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I’ve blogged about stir fry a lot. The truth is, my “stir fry” has little in common with stir fry except for similar ingredients and a bent toward healthfulness.

Is it because I don’t have a wok (or a place to store one) or because I can’t stir fast enough? How does one make a meal in 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil? Please, tell me!

I like raw vegetables. I like cooked vegetables. I’m less fond of raw vegetables that are just a little bit cooked. Here’s what I have been doing. Heating the oil in a skillet (love using the stainless steel omelet pan — perfect for one), then adding chopped onion and pressed garlic. Turn on the teakettle to heat water. When the oil is about gone, I splash boiling water into the pan, cover and continue slicing and dicing.

As the cooking progresses and ingredients are added to the dish, I keep adding boiling water as needed. I realized while talking with friend Sonja last night, I’m steaming my veggies. She doesn’t add oil till the cooking is complete – a process I heard encouraged by Dr. Anita Balodis, holistic family practitioner, Chicago area. Oil heated above a certain temperature turns on you, causing inflammation (#1 cause of illness and incapacitation) and potentially death, depending on the heat and kind of oil. [You don’t hear of people dying from the carcinogens on barbecue and French fries, but that doesn’t prove that isn’t what debilitated them.]

Sugar peas are great added right toward the end, because they take only a couple minutes to be perfect. I’m still enjoying 5 spice powder, used a red pepper olive oil today. Crushed red pepper is a nice addition.

While I’m proud of the adventures I’ve taken into new foods, I’ve traveled less far afield in seasonings. I fear growing tired of the ones I favor, then being back to blahsville. I’d like some suggestions, please.

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