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I switched from soy sauce to Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids. While I haven’t performed a side-by-side taste test, neither would I be able to tell the difference if given two equally seasoned foods!

My neighbor mentioned she didn’t use soy sauce, because her husband is allergic to MSG (all the names that masquerades under would be good material for another blog!). I asked, “Have you tried Bragg Liquid Aminos?”

She’d never heard of it, but promised to look into it. I offered to loan her some. She emailed me back that what she learned online made it sound like pretty much the same product as soy sauce. I found a good discussion of how Bragg Amino Acids are made on the Essential Oil Cookbook site. I figured asking how Bragg’s is made would offer the clue to whether it’s the same as soy sauce. (And how many amino acids are in soy sauce?) Evidently Bragg has not revealed their process.

Now here’s information about soysauce that will really blow you away:

Twenty-five kinds of soy sauce were clearly distinguished with the sensor, but classification into three conventional groups, i.e., koikuchi (high amino acid, low NaCl), usukuchi (low amino acid, high NaCl) and sashimi, could not be made. Contrary to this, it was found that the tastes of three types of soy sauce, which were produced by the same manufacturer, resembled each other. The similarity of soy sauce by the same manufacturer was also confirmed by amino acid analysis and a sensory test. The taste sensor will contribute to automated soy sauce brewing.

As it turns out, all soy sauce has amino acids and sodium chloride. The proportion may vary and definitely varies in soy sauce, because you can buy low-sodium soy sauce.

Here’s my own little study comparing 1 Tablespoon of two products:

Liquid Amino AcidsFood Club Soy Sauce
Sodium960 mg5% more than ->910 mg
Carbs.6 g40% less than ->1 g
Protein1.86 g86% more than ->1g

One thing that can be said for the Bragg product is they certify they do not use genetically modified soybeans (GMO = genetically modified organism). And one more thing: liquid amino acids sounds more healthful than anything with the word “sauce” in it! Good marketing, Bragg!

If you can shed light on this discussion, or even just your own experiences, FoodBlogger would love to hear from you!

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