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I made Taco Soup over the rainy weekend, a recipe I copied down at Weight Watcher’s last week. It’s basically pinto beans, hominy, canned tomatoes with chiles and a packet of taco seasoning.The leader said the entire recipe was 63 WW points value. It looked to me like it would yield 5.5 quarts, thus 11 … Read more


Oatmeal is good for you. Check out oatmeal’s nutritional stats. It can help lower cholesterol. It has soluble fiber – good for irritable bowel syndrome and related disorders. It’s warm. It feels nourishing while it is being nourishing. Why don’t we eat it more often? Because we think it’s too much trouble! I’ve experimented with instant … Read more


I’ve blogged about stir fry a lot. The truth is, my “stir fry” has little in common with stir fry except for similar ingredients and a bent toward healthfulness. Is it because I don’t have a wok (or a place to store one) or because I can’t stir fast enough? How does one make a … Read more


I’ve blogged about several new foods or new ways to prepare them. Now that I have a bit more experience, I’ll report on several. 5 SPICE POWDER I made some. I bought some. I like what I made better. Pal Richard said, “Yes, because it’s so much fresher.” Not sure that was the case with … Read more


I was introduced to this homely vegetable when I lived near Chattanooga, on the Tennessee-Georgia border. Since I’d eaten raw potatoes when playing house as a schoolgirl, the taste and texture were somewhat familiar. However, the carbohydrate in what is now commonly called sunchokes (see reasons above) is not starch, but rather inulin. Inulin is … Read more


I discussed the movie King Corn it with my 14 year old nephew. He’s the king of soft drinks, icees, candy and fast food. I quoted a line from the film that when you eat at McDonald’s, “everything on your plate has corn in it.” Jason’s penchant is to name things to prove any adult declaration wrong … Read more


Have you seen the documentary King Corn? I heard about it yesterday, so downloaded it from iTunes for $2.99 for the day’s rental. “Corn-fed beef” sounds wholesome, doesn’t it? Are you aware the corn they are fed is inedible? If it’s industrial corn, as raised in Iowa, it’s a product not designed or grown for human … Read more


I tried Lucerne’s “Best of the Egg” product. I’m not a big fan of eggs, either for taste or for safety. If I must eat them, I prefer them from organic, free range hens and thoroughly cooked. (I boil eggs for 20 minutes, here at 4300 feet elevation.) Thus my first experience with fat free … Read more


Yesterday I ventured further into the pepper kingdom.I eat bell peppers all the time, both raw and cooked. I’ve occasionally purchased a tiny banana pepper or two. I called the produce manager over to explain to me which hot peppers were which so I could choose one. I notice peppers come in two categories: sweet … Read more