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Half an hour before lunchtime I got a hankering for split pea soup. That’s usually a day or at least a half day recipe in a Crock Pot, but I figured I could do it in the pressure cooker in half an hour.

Wash the peas (2 cups) and put them in the pot with five cups of water. While that was heating up, I rough chopped an onion, 3-4 celery ribs and a few baby carrots. Tossed in two cloves of garlic, peeled but whole. Added a scant tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt and a healthy drizzle of my new favorite extra virgin olive oiloil: Gremolata. And a handful of fresh basil leaves.

While the pressure built, I checked the Internet for how long to pressure cook split peas. Turns out it isn’t half an hour but only 10-12 minutes. I set the timer for 10, but when it beeped, I took the cooker off the stove and let most of the pressure dissipate naturally–just to make sure the legumes were thoroughly done!

This is exactly why I love a cordless mixing wand. The Cuisinart creamed the soup, onions, carrots, garlic and basil leaves beautifully.

A hearty, filling meal in a hurry for a cloudy day. Including prep and pureeing, fewer than 20 minutes.

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