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December 1, 2010/

The net has been abuzz with ideas and speculation about the new food management system Weight Watchers rolled out in the United States on Sunday, November 28, 2010. Since then, it’s been whining! I’ll write more about this in the coming days, because I’ve neglected my Food Blog too long!…


June 25, 2010/

Today I discovered Nabisco’s Wheat Thins Flatbread – Tuscan style. I wasn’t hungry when I got home from the store, but I was exhilarated that I was within Weight Watcher’s weight range at last night’s weigh in, and a couple of pounds lighter this morning. And wanting a crunch! About…


May 28, 2010/

After my ode to Napa cabbage (my first post), a correction is in order. I went on and on about Napa cabbage. I talked to friends about trying it. When I bought one last week at a different supermarket, it rang up as Savoy. I said, “I thought that was a Napa.”…


May 26, 2010/

haven’t been a big fan of making wraps at home; though, wraps are often one of the most healthful choices when eating out. The main reason I didn’t stick with buying the huge flour tortillas and wrapping food in them is their calorie load often compared to that of bread…


April 26, 2010/

When my friend Kate and I scheduled a meeting over lunch at my house, she said, “Let me bring lunch. I’m a real foodie.” Knowing I am a vegetarian, she brought quinoa-stuffed acorn squash and an elegant salad. As she laid things out, I learned she was a lifetime member…


April 15, 2010/

When serving my 12-year old nephew and his playmate bananas with their lunch sandwiches, I asked the boys, “Who’s smarter – you or a monkey?” Monkeys peel bananas from the blossom end, not the stem end. Pinch the little brown tip between your thumb and forefinger, and peel back the…

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