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After my ode to Napa cabbage (my first post), a correction is in order. I went on and on about Napa cabbage. I talked to friends about trying it. When I bought one last week at a different supermarket, it rang up as Savoy. I said, “I thought that was a Napa.”

“No it’s savoy!” said Jeanie, the cashier whom I know from Weight Watchers.

“Well, it’s marked ‘Napa’ at _____ store!” I countered.

“Of course they have it marked wrong!” chimed Jeanie.

I couldn’t argue. My main pet peeve about the supermarket Jeanie does not work in is that the produce is sometimes not priced. Produce managers come and go, but item names and price tags are often hard to find (not exactly near the produce they speak to), or are missing. If ______ store ever gets a produce manager who sticks around, I’ll train her or him to keep prices close to the items and names readable (I don’t mind, really I don’t).

So this little curly-leafed thing is savoy, savoy, savoy. (Why didn’t I select bok choy, which is unmistakable?) It’s always more expensive than ‘regular’ cabbage, but to my taste (and appreciation of texture) is a completely different vegetable…like red cabbage does not closely resemble green cabbage in taste or usage. So I treat myself to it, about every third or fourth cabbage purchase. And occasionally use more than one type of cabbage in the same dish.

While I’ve not made slaw with it, I have eaten leaves raw while cutting for a stir fry. Love them!

Do you have a favorite cabbage? Can you talk about Napa? (I’ve eaten more varieties than I’ve cooked with. Help me here!)

Thanks to Wikipedia for the photo and confirmation on the savoy cabbage.

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