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Today I discovered Nabisco’s Wheat Thins Flatbread – Tuscan style. I wasn’t hungry when I got home from the store, but I was exhilarated that I was within Weight Watcher’s weight range at last night’s weigh in, and a couple of pounds lighter this morning. And wanting a crunch!

About 5:00 I chose to indulge in a light snack before beginning to cook my veggie-binge stirred-but-not-fried dinner. The Tuscan Herb flat bread was salty enough and uber-crunchy. Light enough to break with a glance. Which was part of the problem. The box had been dropped somewhere along the way, and many crackers were broken. As with pretzels, back when I used to eat them, I had to clean up the product by eating all the broken pieces. Then breaking more. Then more because they broke so easily. (Testing their lightness!)

Note to self: Buy these only when above your highest level of self-control if you’re a salty-crunchy eater. I ate nearly the whole box (only 20 crackers). Then it seemed pitiful to put away four – then two. So I finished them. I’m stuffed.. That was 600 calories. My Weight Watcher’s Points Finder doesn’t go that high. Nor to 15 grams of fat.

Since the Points Finder stops at about 20 points (for one serving of one food mind you), I chose to estimate my crispy indulgence at 25 points. Coincidentally, that’s the number of points I was given when I joined Weight Watchers at 80 pounds above my maximum healthy weight. Yikers!

Should I go ahead and cook dinner? If I don’t, I’ll feel snackish all evening. But can I add any coconut milk to my stir fry? Any side of brown rice? My experience instructs me I should get back on a normal track as soon as possible. Excessive sacrifice to make up for prior indiscretions cannot turn back the clock. Extra days of vegetables-only at least once a day, more exercise — these things can adjust my ongoing challenge with keeping the old habits at bay.

I think I’ll opt for a bit of rice and no coconut milk. I bought some beautiful fresh vegetables at the store today. Calling them beautiful, and romanticizing them to myself, does adjust the mindset. Because luscious vegetables are almost always expensive, I heap shredded cabbage — much cheaper — into almost every stirred-not-fried dish. Along with Chinese or sugar snap peas, diced sweet peppers of various colors, home grown super mild and sweet garlic, a bit of onion, and whatever else is on hand.

Bon appetite!

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